Who the heck are the Yard Dogs and what do they do?

Who the heck are the Yard Dogs and what do they do?

The nickname ‘Yard Dogs’ is a simple conversion from the first letter of each word of our name: Yellow River Digital Group. Besides, it’s simpler and quicker and we probably would make good yard dogs anyway.

We are just a group of amateur radio operators who are interested in learning more about digital operating. The group was created by W4DEL, WC4FM and K1KC in late spring 2017 and was named a short time later.

The Yard Dogs and its participants are in no way associated with the Yaesu Musen Company. We receive no compensation from them and have no ‘inside information’ about their products and services. We purchase our equipment the same way you do and learn about changes the same way you do. Our technical writings and suggestions are not to be taken as official. 

By late summer of 2018 the Yard Dogs became mostly focused on Yaesu System Fusion and WiRES-X. We will still entertain other digital methods but our weekly C4FM/WIRES-X net started at that time. Perhaps you will join us in Room 40383 Wednesday nights at 9PM Eastern Time.

The Founding Fathers (or is that, The Floundering Fathers?)

Photo courtesy of K8LIN.

                   The opening picture is from one of the Yard Dogs repeater sites.