Who the heck are the Yard Dogs and where did they get that silly name?

Who the heck are the Yard Dogs and where did they get that silly name?

It’s a simple conversion from the first letter of each word of our name: Yellow River Digital Group. Besides, it’s simpler and quicker and we probably would make good yard dogs anyway.

We are just a group of amateur radio operators who are interested in learning more about digital operating. The concept was created by W4DEL, WC4FM and K1KC in late spring 2017.

The idea coalesced into an informal group rather than a ‘club’, that had an interest in learning more about digital communications in the amateur realm. In order not be burdened with the overhead of dues, a constitution, reporting, bookkeeping, election of officers, appointing a trustee and so forth, it was decided to follow the KISS concept….to keep it simple.

Geography plays a part in this as it would not be possible to have physical meetings if folks were spread too far and wide. Of course, no one is discouraged from attending, but the originators all live in the east metro area of Atlanta , Georgia. Therefore, all the meetings so far have been held in that area.

Camaraderie and fellowship are as much a part of the experience as is the technical side. It’s no fun if you don’t like each other! Emergency communications is the backdrop for this as many of us are involved in that aspect of amateur radio as well. There is no requirement that you do so as well. It just fell into place for several of us though. We had been practicing on-the-air digital communications for some time prior to establishing the group.

We have been studying the FLDigi suite, as well as D-Rats, Winlink and their associated files and programs. Also, we have covered C4FM (System Fusion), reflectors, WiRES-X and other subjects. The idea is that each one of us has expertise in a different area and that each one of us can make a presentation to the group.

Having said that, so far WC4FM and W4DEL have largely been responsible for arranging meeting sites.  K1KC has been responsible for managing the website, the mailing list and for the groups.io page. K1KC, WC4FM and others have been making technical presentations. ALL participants are encouraged to make presentations and to be part of the overall effort. No one has a lock on any part of this group. So, let’s have fun and ‘get digital’!