Our Digital Philosophy

Our Digital Philosophy

Digital Philosophy

Why do the Yard Dogs encourage  ‘Yaesu-only, digital-only’ operation in our room and on our nodes and repeaters? That’s a fair question and I will answer that question for you:

     For one thing, Yaesu has gone to a lot of trouble to make System Fusion and WiRES-X a system with top-notch voice quality. They have designed their products to work together to maintain that quality. We cannot improve upon that quality by using non-Yaesu devices. We might degrade that quality by doing so. In fact, we are aware of just such situations.

     Any extraneous devices will not have been laboratory-tested to determine their compatibility with System Fusion and WiRES-X.  It will only be user experience that we can report and that varies widely. Yes, we do know that some devices have been able to operate along with the Yaesu products, but we also know the opposite.

Unlike open source software and firmware, we can rely on Yaesu to rapidly deal with any issues affecting the software or firmware. We are not beholden to any reflector operator nor software developer operating on his own and at his leisure. We are not criticizing the many fine products and services available to digital users, we are merely stating that we are happy with the system as it is designed and do not wish to introduce the complexities of non-Yaesu operation.

     The Yellow River Digital Group (Yard Dogs) has absolutely no connection with the Yaesu Musen Company other than that we purchase and operate equipment sold by them. We receive NO renumeration or compensation from them whatsoever. We are not licensed, encouraged nor promoted by them. We pay what anyone would pay and we deal with any issues through the same channels you would. We simply like the products and services they offer.

Given that there are so many platforms and devices available to amateur digital users, it would be very hard or even impossible to be proficient in all of them. Thus, we have chosen to limit what users of our system employ so that we can be useful when questions or difficulties arise. 

We ask that users of other platforms DO NOT bridge to us since we are not knowledgeable about those platforms. Also given that we attempt to conduct technical assistance to our users, our research revolves mainly around the Yaesu digital product. Yes, knowledge is always useful whether it involves your core goals or not, but the technology advances so rapidly that we feel compelled to direct our efforts toward the Yaesu digital product.

A lot of time and effort go into maintaining our website, email reflector, weekly net, meetings and our node/repeater system. It is 100% volunteer and our regular users, and even our visitors have complimented us on what we have accomplished.

     Our goal has never been to be the biggest, the most well-known or anything of the sort. We simply wish to produce a quality effort at what we do and that is a Yaesu-only, digital-only network.

     For those persons who wish to operate hybrid systems, or other platforms altogether, we wish them the best. There is plenty of room for all of us!


Owners of Yaesu digital-only nodes and repeaters are welcome to connect to the Yard Dogs room, but please do not attempt to link two rooms together. Also, please do not introduce non-Yaesu or analog devices as per our request above.

     Anyone providing public access to the Yard Dogs via the approved methods may request publication of that access on our website.

     Under normal circumstances, nodes have been used to extend the range of repeaters. However, it is technically possible to do the opposite: extend the range of a node with a repeater. This has also been done when the repeater does not have Internet access.

     If this is done, then repeater users should be informed that their transmissions may be redirected all over the world. They should also be informed that they may hear traffic from all over the world. Repeater users may not be aware of the inherent latency in WiRES-X operation and therefore reception issues might arise.

     Anyone using a repeater which is an extension of a remote node should be aware that other incoming signals on the repeater (or even the remote node) can block you from hearing a reply to your transmission. This particular setup results in a half-duplex repeater being fed by a simplex repeater.