Donations Appreciated

Donations Appreciated

I’ve never been comfortable asking for money. It seems everyone has their hand out these days. Gimme, gimme, gimme! I don’t want ANYBODY to feel obligated.

     The situation is this: After three years of digital repeater operation and two and-a-half years of website operation and over one year of net operation, costs have really piled up. I am not the only one in this situation either. Some other folks have put quite a bit into this system besides me.

     So, at this point, we have decided it would not be unreasonable to accept donations. I have been reluctant to do this but I have been assured it is not unwarranted. We are not asking anyone to purchase equipment for us. That has been our personal choice all along. What we are asking support for, is the recurring costs of things which benefit the group as a whole. These things generally, are web site hosting and domain name hosting. Additionally, we recently purchased some banners for group functions. 

Since a PayPal account already existed, this is where we started. If you wish to donate using PayPal, send any funds to via the ‘friends & family’ function rather than for ‘goods & services’.

     I should have thought about this earlier, but it was pointed out to me that not everyone has or wants a PayPal account. I totally understand, so what other methods are available? Well, cash donations in person are one method. You might wish to donate via personal check or money order, but since the Yard Dogs is not chartered nor a legal entity, check with K1KC before submitting via these last two methods. There would be no way to cash a check or money order made out to the group. By the way, that was a decision made at the inception of the Yard Dogs: that the group not charter itself, compose by-laws, elect officers, etc.

     What expectation are you entitled to by wanting to know if your donation will be used wisely? My answer is: by the reputations of the persons involved and by the history if the group itself. A brief history of the group can be found on this website and as to our reputations, I would suggest that you ask around. Neither I, nor anyone else ‘owns’ the Yellow River Digital Group. I have however, put one heckuva lot of myself into this effort, and am proud of what it has become. By finally getting around to accepting donations, I am signaling that I have every hope for the continued success of this system and its users.

     Thank you for your consideration and 73, de K1KC