If you are interested in practicing or learning new digital modes, and in particular, EMCOMM modes such as Fldigi, Winlink, D-Rats and DRM, consider this net: Every Wednesday night at 9PM local (an area centered around Covington, Georgia), a digital practice net is held on the WA4ASI repeater.

The purpose of this net is to help newcomers learn how to operate in certain digital EMCOMM modes and for established operators to sharpen their skills. The net begins in the MT63-2000L (MT63-2KL) mode with a center frequency (in the audio passband) of 1500Hz. The repeater frequency is 146.925 with a negative offset of 600kHz and a subaudible tone of 88.5 Hz.

You do not need to be an experienced operator to participate. In fact, the concept behind this net is partially to introduce beginners to these different ways of emergency communication. Along the way we will explore new modes. Recently we have been practicing with Digital Radio Mondiale, or DRM. It is a method of digitally transmitting image files.

Obviously you will need to be within range of the repeater to participate, but we open to suggestion. No stations have joined by Echolink so far. There has been some practice on HF in the past and we expect more in the future. Of course, your Winlink messages can be passed via HF or VHF packet radio.

The net accepts check-ins in real-time from D-Rats equipped stations on the Georgia ARES Ratflector and in advance via Winlink. You will receive acknowledgements from the appropriate net controller of each of those nets.