Software Updates

Software Updates

             WiRES-X and C4FM:

Current WiRES-X PC software version: 1.510 (2-13-19)

Current FT-2DR firmware versions: MAIN-3.10, SUB-2.01, DSP-4.31 (as of 1-3-19)

Current FTM-100DR firmware versions: MAIN-2.40, PANEL-2.10, DSP-4.31 (as of 2-13-19)

Current FTM-400XDR firmware versions: MAIN-4.40, DSP-4.31 (as of 2-13-19)

Current FTM-400DR firmware versions: MAIN-3.40, PANEL-1.20, DSP-4.31 (as of 2-13-19)

WiRES-X PC software version: 1.510 (as of 2-13-19)

    A PDN Function Instruction Manual is available on the Yard Dogs reflector: . For PDN Function Instructions on the FT-2DR, FTM-100DR and FTM-400 series, use the “1902-C” version of the manual. 

                              WINDOWS UPDATES:

     Beware! A Windows update might just throw you for a loop. It did me and it did a friend of ours too! My PDN computer decided to perform a Windows update while in use. (I’m sure I told it to always ask me first but, these things have a mind of their own).

     The upshot of what happened was that it eliminated the microphone device and WiRES-X would suddenly no longer work. In fact, it hung up the whole computer and there were no working commands.

     The computer ‘updated’ and the device was missing. A search of the Internet suggesting the computer needed to be restarted. Well, it had already done that! Nevertheless, I restarted it again and the microphone re-appeared and WiRES-X worked again. Question is: When will this happen again? No doubt at a very bad time!