WiRES-X Error Codes

WiRES-X Error Codes

This page will attempt to deal with error codes as displayed on the WiRES-X PC software interface. CAUTION: These entries are user-submitted and are not official in any way. Interpret and use them at your own risk. Submitted entries must be accompanied by the submitter’s callsign.

CODE: 80004005 TEXT: Create Capture Buffer Failure

Submitted by: K1KC Date: June 26, 2019

Operating System: Windows 10

Effect: W10 denied WiRES-X access to the microphone. In other words, local-to-Internet and Internet-to-local audio traffic would not pass.

Cause: Regular Windows Update

Solution: Instruct W10 to allow microphone access to the WiRES-X ‘app’. In some cases, simply rebooting the computer will re-establish the presence of the microphone input.


CODE: 1040100 TEXT: Digital transceiver error reset

Submitted by:

Operating System: (unknown)

Effect: (TBD)


Solution: (TBD)


CODE: 1050100 TEXT: Digital transceiver error reset

Submitted by: K1KC Date: July 25, 2019

Operating System: Windows 10 Home

Effect: Briefly locked WiRES-X and knocked FT-2D into PDN Standby mode from PDN Direct mode

Cause: Switching between internal and external power supply for FT-2D

Solution: Do not change power supply while in operation or, be prepared to take FT-2D out of PDN Standby mode each time.



Message: Transceiver not connected

Submitted by K1KC Date: August 19, 2019

Cause: The WiRES-X software is not reading the radio.

Solution: Since is are more than one cause, check these solutions: 1. Make sure the transceiver is in the WiRES-X mode. 2. Make sure the transceiver is an approved node radio.



Message: *_*_* Call to Rejected No.(node number), In Conf *_*_*

Submitted by K0HCV Date: August 21, 2019

Cause: (Not determined yet)

Solution: One solution offered by Yaesu was to go to the PC software, under FILES, select SET DEFAULT, then OKAY. This returns the WIRES-X software to its initial state and shuts the program down. You will have to reboot.

Message: One AMBE out

Submitted by K0HCV Date: August 14, 2019

Cause: This error is believed to be caused by a non-Yaesu device such as a hotspot on the network, but this has not been confirmed.

Solution: We believe that eliminating the use of non-Yaesu digital devices may cure this issue. This has not been confirmed.


Error: Socket Communication Timeout at call

Submitted (elsewhere) by G4OXY

Effect: No audio, intermittent traffic, timer would start running for reason

Cause: RFI on frequency

Solution: Increase squelch level setting



Message: A small box with this: WiRES-X


Submitted by K1KC Date: September 11, 2019

Cause: Indeterminate (It may have been caused by a keyboard entry it did not recognize)

Solution: The error resolved itself apparently.