WiRES-X Error Codes

WiRES-X Error Codes

This page will attempt to deal with error codes as displayed on the WiRES-X PC software interface. CAUTION: These entries are user-submitted and are not official in any way. Interpret and use them at your own risk. Submitted entries must be accompanied by the submitter’s callsign, operating system and other pertinent information.


Check the header in each section for location of each error message.



Message: Transceiver not connect(ed)

Submitted by K1KC Date: August 19, 2019

Cause: The WiRES-X software is not reading the radio.

Solution: Since there is more than one cause, check these solutions: 1. Make sure the transceiver is in the WiRES-X mode. 2. Make sure the transceiver is an approved node radio. 3. Wait for the transceiver to power up and be recognized by the software. 4. Make sure the transceiver has power supplied and is turned on. 5. If the transceiver is a repeater, make sure the repeater is set to ‘RPTR+HRI Mode’.


Message: “ON-AIR LOCK” state.

Submitted by: K1KC Date: December 7, 2019 OS: Windows 10 Home V. 1909

Cause: The ON-AIR LOCK button was pressed during operation.

Solution: Press the LOCK button again to unlock.


Message: Not found the Audio device for the WiRES-X use.

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: December 21, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Home Version 1909

Effect: No connection with the node radio was possible.

Cause: The PC did not load the audio drivers/devices for audio to pass between radio and computer.

Solution: (I’d like to say: ‘Strongly encourage Yaesu to adopt some other OS than Windows’). However, they have indicated that won’t be happening. Therefore, you must figure out how to do this. Until near the end of 2019, this was usually accomplished by a second re-booting of your Windows PC after an update. Now it has become more difficult.  Good luck.



Message: *_*_* Call to Rejected No.(node number), In Conf *_*_*

Submitted by K0HCV Date: August 21, 2019

Cause: (Not determined yet)

Solution: One solution offered by Yaesu was to go to the PC software, under FILES, select SET DEFAULT, then OKAY. This returns the WIRES-X software to its initial state and shuts the program down. You will have to reboot.

Message: One AMBE out

Submitted by K0HCV Date: August 14, 2019

Cause: This error is believed to be caused by a non-Yaesu device such as a hotspot on the network, but this has not been confirmed.

Solution: We believe that eliminating the use of non-Yaesu digital devices may cure this issue. This has not been confirmed.


Message: Error: Socket Communication Timeout at call (see additional response below)

Submitted (elsewhere) by G4OXY

Effect: No audio, intermittent traffic, timer would start running for reason

Cause: RFI on frequency

Solution: Increase squelch level setting


Message: Digital transceiver error reset  code = 1120100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 4, 2019  OS: Windows 10

Effect: No WiRES-X operation

Cause: Power was removed from node radio

Solution: Restore power to node radio


Message: Digital transceiver error reset  code = 1050100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 4, 2019  OS: Windows 10

Effect: No WiRES-X operation

Cause: Node radio was turned off or power was removed to node radio

Solution:  Restore power to node radio


Message: * – * – * Cancelled call to analog node or Analog & Digital room * – * 

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: October 5, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Effect: PDN would not connect to room

Cause: PDN was in PDN mode and Room was in Mixed Mode

Solution: Change PDN to HRI mode from PDN mode


Message: Error: Socket Communication Timeout

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 6, 2019  OS: windows 10 Pro

Effect: Communications with previously connected node or room lost

Cause:  The previously connected node or room went offline

Solution:  (Depends on your desires) Manually re-connect to node or room if it comes back online and if you do not have ‘Return To Room’ enabled, or connect to another node or room


Message:  Error: No answer from called PC  * Disconnected *

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 6, 2019  OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Effect: Self-explanatory: the node you called did not answer

Cause:  The node you called was offline at the time

Solution:  Try again when node/room appears in the active list


Message:  return to room (______) last (____) count

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 6, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Effect: The WiRES-X PC software attempted a ‘return to room’ call

Cause:  Your software is set up to return to a specified room when able

Solution:  The software will attempt (up to 10 times) to contact the specified room. If unsuccessful, no more attempts will be made. You will see the results in the Log Box


Message:  Error: No Entry on ILS Server * Disconnected *

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: October 7, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Effect: No connection was made to the called node or room

Cause: The called node or room was not in the active nodes/rooms lists because it is offline, therefore the listserver cannot direct your request

Solution: Request connection to an online node/room or wait until the desired node/room comes online


Message:  List server response time-out

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 27, 2019  OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Effect:  No connection to the listserver was made

Cause:  The listserver was offline or there was no Internet connection

Solution:  Check your Internet connection or wait for listserver to come back online


Message:  * – * – * Can not accept own call * – * – *

Submitted by:  K1KC  Date:  October 28, 2019  OS:  Windows 7

Effect:  No connection to any node was made

Cause:  The connection attempt was made to your own node, that is, the node tried to call itself

Solution:  Call a node or room other than the one the call is being placed from


Message:  Error: Socket Communication Timeout at call

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 28, 2019  OS: Windows 7

Effect:  Connection to node/room was dropped (if it was ever established)

Cause:  All necessary ports were not open. When the “Node control” port is open, but no others, the software on both ends may show a connection, however, no nodes will populate the Connect ID Window of the calling node with the single open port. The Connect ID Window of the called node/room will display the calling node name until the connection is dropped. No audio or other info is passed. The ‘apparent’ connection will cancel itself in approximately 40 seconds

Solution:  Make sure all ports are open or wait for self-cancellation


Message:  Digital Transceiver error reset.  code = 1030100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: November 08, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Effect:  WiRES-X operation interrupted  

Cause:  This seems to be another case of an error code indicating loss of power to the node radio

Solution:  Maintain power to the node radio


Message:  Transceiver TX Stop. Disconnect.

Submitted by:  K1KC  Date: November 08, 2019  OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Effect:  WiRES-X PC software lost connection to node radio

Cause: Probably caused by digital cable to node radio getting disconnected. This can also be caused by entered a change request of the USER ID while in WiRES-X.

Solution:  That ought to be self-evident!


Message:  Create Capture Buffer Failure  code = 80004005

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: June 26, 2019  OS: Windows 10

Effect: W10 denied WiRES-X access to the microphone. In other words, local-to-Internet and Internet-to-local audio traffic would not pass.

Cause: Regular Windows Update

Solution: Instruct W10 to allow microphone access to the WiRES-X ‘app’. In some cases, simply rebooting the computer will re-establish the presence of the microphone input.


Message: Digital transceiver error reset  code = 1040100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: October 3, 2019  OS: Windows 7

Effect: WiRES-X operation was interrupted

Cause: Power was removed from transceiver 

Solution: Do not remove power from transceiver while in WiRES-X operation. When external PS is plugged in, WiRES-X operation will be interrupted even though a battery is installed.


Message: Digital transceiver error reset  code = 1050100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: July 25, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Home 

Effect: Briefly locked WiRES-X and knocked FT-2D into PDN Standby mode from PDN Direct mode 

Cause: Switching between internal and external power supply for FT-2D

Solution: Do not change power supply while in operation or, be prepared to take FT-2D out of PDN Standby mode each time.


Message:  Server Access Error: “A connection with the server could not be established”

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: November 14, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Effect: No lists were populated and therefore, no connections could be made. In this particular case, only PDN’s were affected.

Cause: The listserver was out of service for an unknown reason.

Solution: In this case, moving to an HRI-based node would solve the problem, but this may not always be the case. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the listserver comes back online.


Message: * – * – * Cancelled call in PDN standby * – * – *

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: November 20, 2019  OS: Windows 10-1903

Effect: Lists would not populate and no connections were possible in the PDN mode.

Cause: The node radio was in ‘PDN Standby’ mode.

Solution: Place node radio in ‘PDN active’ mode by correct method for that radio.


Message: Digital transceiver error reset. code = 11A0100

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: November 20, 2019  OS: Windows 10-1903

Effect: WiRES-X lists did not populate

Cause: Connection to the node radio was lost, probably due to radio being powered off.

Solution: Re-power radio or do not interrupt power to node radio.


Message: ** End sound: Digital transceiver frame response time-out.

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: December 7, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Home V. 1909

Effect: Audio discontinued? 

Cause: Most likely because ON-AIR LOCK was engaged and audio stream was interrupted.

Solution: Disengage ON-AIR LOCK.


Message:  * * Connect message: Digital transceiver frame response time-out.

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: December 17, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Version 1909

Effect: The node disconnected from the room it was connected to.

Cause: Although the node appeared to be connected to a room, it likely was not. Attempts to transmit would light up the “Internet” button but no activity was shown in the connect ID Window from the node in question.

Solution: Re-boot WiRES-X PC software. Make sure the correct USB audio codecs are listed as audio input and output.


Message: Server Access Error “The server name or address could not be resolved”.

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: December 18, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Version 1909?

Effect: WiRES-X did not connect to the listeserver.

Cause: The most likely cause is that you did not have an active Internet connect at the time WiRES-X booted and attempted to contact the listserver.

Solution: Make sure you have an active Internet connection before booting the WiRES-X PC software. Of course, you can always connect afterwards. 



Message: A small box with this: WiRES-X


Submitted by K1KC Date: September 11, 2019

Cause: Indeterminate (It may have been caused by a keyboard entry it did not recognize)

Solution: The error resolved itself apparently.


Message:  A medium-sized box with “Warning” in light grey in the upper left-hand corner with a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it will appear. It will read as follows:

A connecting transceiver was changed from Repeater type to Simplex type. The WiRES-X software is rebooted in Simplex (Mobile transceiver) mode.

Submitted by: K1KC  Date: October 6, 2019  OS: Windows 10 Pro

Cause:  A repeater node was changed from Repeater + HRI to Repeater.

Solution:  This is simply a warning to let you know the status of the software has changed. If you wish to swap modes, you must turn off the repeater, hold the DISPLAY button down while turning the power back on until the display lights up, at which point you release the DISPLAY button. You will then be prompted to choose REPEATER + HRI or REPEATER. Choose REPEATER + HRI if you want to get out of Simplex (Mobile transceiver) mode.                       *  SEE NOTE BELOW *


Message:  A medium-sized box (as noted above) will appear. It will read:

A connecting transceiver was changed from Simplex type to Repeater type. The WiRES-X software is rebooted in Repeater mode. 

Submitted by: K1KC  Date:  October 6, 2019  OS:  Windows 10 Pro

Cause:  A repeater node was changed from Repeater to Repeater + HRI. 

Solution:  Follow the instructions of the example above except choose REPEATER if you want to get out of Repeater + HRI mode. 

                                  * SEE NOTE BELOW *

NOTE: These actions simply link, or unlink a repeater from an HRI-200. The message warns you which mode has been selected. The linking or unlinking is not physical…it is virtual as the CT-174 (or whatever) cable may still be attached. The repeater cannot be used for WiRES-X operation in the REPEATER mode.



    I have noticed a number of errors over the years in the User Monitoring Window, specifically where it says “DOWNLINK”. Some of those errors include: (callsign)SPOT, (callsign)E, (callsign)SB, (callsign)T, (callsign)SN-RPT and other errors which I will try to catalog. I did notice that certain errors occurred identically when a particular station transmitted. This is over WiRES-X of course.

     No particular Operating System was in use. I do not know the cause of these errors. In fact, they threw me for a loop when I first saw one. I thought someone had hijacked my callsign or monkeyed with my system. Most likely they are data errors of some type, introduced at some unknown point. I will continue to research this. 

     If you have pertinent information on this, or any other error code, please feel free to submit it to us for publication.

General Operating Issues:

     One such issue is that of the repeater hanging up in transmit with no way to stop it other than to power it down. This is particularly dangerous if the repeater is running high power or is driving an amplifier. What causes this?

     It has been suggested by several that being in analog mode, or being in AMS and receiving an analog signal makes this more likely to happen. I thought so myself but I have also seen it happen in pure digital mode. So what is the cause?

     If operating in WiRES-X, could it be the failure to receive an EOT (end of transmission) packet? Well, not likely since mobiles could often fail to reach the repeater, but that’s RF we are talking about. What then if it is an online issue?

     This occurred to us tonight and we are trying to determine the cause. It seemed to have originated from a node connected to the WiRES-X room that the repeater is associated with. The node owner reported poor Internet connectivity at the time this happened. So could it in fact be a failure to receive an EOT packet?

     Determining the answer is difficult since we were pretty sure analog operation was involved. We thought an analog RF signal while in AMS was causing this issue, but that did not seem to be the case at all tonight. The end result was the same: the repeater hung up and would not time out. 

     Could there be a flaw in the software that bypasses the WiRES-X TOT? There is definitely a problem and many have dealt with it. Any suggestions you have are welcome.