WiRES-X Error Codes

WiRES-X Error Codes

This page will attempt to deal with error codes as displayed on the WiRES-X PC software interface. CAUTION: These entries are user-submitted and are not official in any way. Interpret and use them at your own risk. Submitted entries must be accompanied by the submitter’s callsign.

CODE: 80004005 TEXT: Create Capture Buffer Failure

Operating System: W10 Submitted by: K1KC Date: June 26, 2019

Effect: W10 denied WiRES-X access to the microphone. In other words, local-to-Internet and Internet-to-local audio traffic would not pass.

Solution: Instruct W10 to allow microphone access to the WiRES-X ‘app’.


CODE: 1040100 TEXT: Digital transceiver error reset

Operating System: (unknown)

Effect: (TBD)

Solution: (TBD)